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What does Trade Show Events, Sports Arenas, Amusement Parks, Movie Theatres and Airports have to do with Your Geotargeting and Leads?

All of these locations creates a Captive Audience (market).

Perfect for Lead Gen AND Brand Awareness Simultaneously!

Leads to Sales Income Solution for Travel & Entertainment – Airports, Convention Centers, Concerts, Trade Shows, Tourism with QuPid TriFecta Leads to Sales Income


For An Example:

If there was a Trade Show Convention for the “Shiny Bald Head Exhibits of North America” What Content below would be ideal to Create & Develop to Promote:

A. A Tangle-Free Brush for the 1st 500 Attendees — “Does Your Content Relate?” B. Salon TONI&GUY Blow-Out “Hair Cut, Wash & Blow Dry – “Does Your Message / Content Relate or even Make Sense” C. Opt-In Articles “ Why Bald Heads succeed 5x Time greater than People with Hair! – Would this relate to the Audience at this Exhibit… D. 25% off of Butter Filet Mignon + Sweet Lobster Tail for Exhibit Attendees…Bring Your Bald Head…

Which of the above “A, B , C or D” will most likely having the attendees motivated to take action on either“How to get it” or “Opting in” to receive more content around the topic of their interest….Answer could be C or D?

Boost Event Ticket Sales with: GeoTargeting + Digital “Event QuikPay”



Grow Additional Event Revenue Streams Incrementally with: GeoTargeting + Digital “Event QuikPay”

Captive Event Marketing: 90% Audience Reach Digital Exposure: GeoTargeting + Digital “Event QuikPay”

QuPid’s Proprietary GeoTechnology Platform wraps-around the Physical Event location in a Polygon form , where Messaging and Digital Display Content Ads are served to the mobile devices of those Visitor at the Venue from the time they enter our invisible Digital Fence, that we create from the parking lot or from the Door Entry.


Attendees will see Your Promotional Messaging and Digital Display Promotional Content Ads either through: Websites Mobile Apps IP Address Targeting GPS Geofencing Desktops Tablets & Mobile Devices Plus a “Retargeted Campaign to the same attendees that were served the Content Ads for up to 30 days after the event.


gives convention centers, sporting/music spaces, and general event spaces several advantages:

  • Additional sponsorship coverage for advertising
  • Ability for sponsors continue speaking with event attendees after the event and for up to 30 days
  • Differentiates your organization/venue from the others working to attract the same sponsorship opportunities
  • Keeps your sponsors’ brands top of mind in the individuals attending the event
  • Gives you the opportunity to upsell on potential ticket sales while the individuals are there.

Ideal Locations Including:

  • Stadiums/Arenas/Race Tracks
  • Arenas/Music Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Buildings/Parks/Recs
  • Festivals/Street Fairs

And you can continue engaging with those very same event attendees long after they left your event.

QuPid will work with You in building Your Audience Segmentation:

Transactional, demographic and psychographic Commonalities in order to Geo-Fence during a specified date and time window of the scheduled event and then recommend appropriate + relevant Content to Broadcast to those Prospects by creating your ideal messages (Digital Display Content) for instant engagement

By making Your message and Digital content relevant, the receiver is likely to read it, internalize it and take the intended action.


  1. Persona-First: Marketing is most impactful when every idea is approached from a persona-first mindset.
  2. Programs (Not Campaigns): Programs produce the best ROI when they are indefinite (not time-boxed), continuous and repeatable.

Event & Airport GeoTarget Leads to Why getting in front of a captive audience is good for business Captivate A Captive Audience Of Travelers

QuPid will work with you Marketing lead or act as your Mktg Specialist by providing highly suggestible messaging Adapted to identify with the Audience that’s completely Captive to Your Brand?

Event Based Location Marketing “Heavily-Trafficked Area”:

  • Give an exponential and likelihood of increased sales for your Brand
  • Gives your Brand a high-profile, strength that lends to the brand.
  • Gives you Brand access to a large gathering of like minded individuals with shared interests.

Networking and Promoting at Trade shows is the way to go:

  • 1st you have a captive, interested audience at your fingertips resulting in an incredibly efficient way to get the most out of your marketing dollars.
  • It’s a uniquely personal, face-to-face way to network, market, and sell directly to your target audience.
  • You will find both like-minded prospects and current customers in the mix

Resulting in Instant lead generation

ICreates opportunities e to forge stronger relationships with influential decision makers with whom it might otherwise be very difficult to connect. 81 % of trade show attendees have buying authority. four out of five delegates visiting the show floor have money to spend — and they may well choose to spend it on you.

target those event attendees, ensuring your message is being seen by that core audience. Our platform enables enterprises to connect with event attendees in ways they never have before.

Event attendees will see your ads through Websites, Mobile Apps and via IP Address Targeting, GPS Geofencing, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and you’ll be able to retarget those same attendees during the event and for up to 30 days after the event.

Here’s what You Shouldn’t do!!

“Do Not blatantly Advertise to Your Captive Audience Entertain them 1st.”

Do not Deliver Self-Serving Ads about what You Want!

Don’t interrupt Your Captive Audience, without offering a message and content that solves a real problem!

Entertain the Audience 1st and advertise to them 2nd .

Provide messages and content that incents and Benefits the Targeted Audience to Take action?!

Your Message and Content Should align with what the interests of the Audience have in Common.

Engage Your Audience with Upland Mobile Messaging

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to interact with your audience during a live event or show. With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can reach viewers and listeners anywhere and communicate with them instantly. Text messaging offers a simple, accessible way for anyone to respond to your calls to action. Whether you want to send reminders for upcoming shows, receive real-time feedback on live events, or poll your audience, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your audience and see immediate responses and results.

Audience Engagement

Improve engagement with your audience and viewers by conducting a conversation over their mobile phone.

  • Send mobile subscribers links to exclusive video clips and content
  • Gather instant feedback by polling the audience in real-time
  • Conduct a survey to learn more about your viewers and build a mobile CRM of your audience

Read the Use Case »

Consumer Insights

Start a conversation with consumers and interact with them to build brand loyalty.

  • Learn about consumer preferences with surveys and polls
  • Identify who your shoppers are and start building their mobile profile
  • Integrate our platform with your CRM to segment and personalize mobile offers
  • Automatic data collection connects the missing pieces in your consumer shopping behaviors

Read the Use Case »

Exclusive Offers & Promotions

Deliver discounts, coupons, and exclusive offers, at the right time and to the right person, driving sales and growth.

  • Ensure timely offers are read and opened immediately
  • Track and analyze offer redemption in stores and online
  • Improve the effectiveness of all marketing channels

Travel & Entertainment

Stadiums Trade shows Arenas Convention Centers Airports Concerts Venues Travel & Entertainment Services Solution Bundles Good ->Orbit Better -> Galaxy Best -> Universe

Travel & Entertainment Solution Feature(s)

– Site Retargeting – Search” Retargeting – Keyword Contextual Targeting – Contextual Targeting – GeoTarget – Addressable Geo-Fencing – Geo Conversion Zones – Geo- Conversion Lift – Analytics and Reporting – SMS / Text Messaging Services – Mobile / Landing Page website -2 Page – kiosk creator – Mobile Loyalty program – URL keyword or SMS to send out to groups to see videos, or other rich content. – Mobile Incentive / Coupons / Contest – Keyword Campaign (s) & Groups – SMS Schedule Reminder Service for Campaigns or Appointments – FaceBook – GeoTargeting – FaceBook – Advertising – Instagram Advertising – FaceBook – Postings Your Ad Featured in QuPid “Top 10” Active Social Media Fan Pages – Qupid’s Active Social Squad will “Broadcast to Your Active Social Community Groups

Give Your brand and Product the greatest frequency and time of exposure per Dollar of Media Cost!

Revenue By -> + X % or + $$ or + # of Units

QuPid to implement Your Promotional Campaigns:

  • Trial Offers – Coupons
  • Seasonal Offers – Buy/ Get
  • Repeat Purchase Incentives
  • Next Purchase Offers
  • Loyalty Offers


  • Return of Ad $
  • Response Rate to Reach
  • Reach %

Travel & Entertainment

What You’ll Get from this campaign: * Prospects get instant coupons to their Phone * Potential Customers ask to receive Your mobile Offers Resulting in: * A huge databases of your current and potential customers for you to send them Offers and Updates about Your business saving anytime… * ROI on mobile coupons with many brands exceeds 8:1.


Programmatic Services Standard



Industry Technical Terminology

(For Eggheads)



What this means for You?!

(Layman’s Term)



Internet Targeting Service


Site” Retargeting / Remarketing: Re-market (serve display advertising) to your clients and prospects who have visited your website:


  • Target your visitors to Your Web Page and then following them continually showing them your offer


  • Your PROSPECT sees your Mobile Promo Ad 7- 10 Times motivating action due to interest in your Ad


  • Your Visiting Prospect is likely to become a customer given the frequency of your Business Promo Ad

Search” Retargeting: Leverage your keyword history and data to extend the successes and learnings from your paid search campaigns.

  • Designed to Find New Customers that have likely never been to Your Website before.
  • Puts Your Business in front of customers who are looking for your competitors Products


  • Take your competitors business by getting your Business in front of the interested and motivated Audience that’s actively shown an interest in your Product because wherever they go your add will be displayed 7 to 10 times to insure the visitor comes back to you when ready to buy.


  • You can “NOW” put your Business in front of potential customers that are searching your competitor’s products / services.


  • Quickly Poach your competitor’s customers
 Keyword Contextual Targeting: Target users viewing content that includes keywords that are relevant to your products and services.
  • Gets Your Business presented to customers that search your Keywords…


  • Your Promo Ads Will Convert to sales at a higher rate than your competitors with Your Targeted “KeyWord” Traffic for Visitors that intentionally sought out your Product…

Contextual Targeting: Target users viewing websites that are categorically relevant to your products and services.


  • Gets Your Business presented to visitors that intentionally Searched and browsed your specific Subject by Presenting your Promo Ad for a limited time before rotating to another Ad if no response by the visitor happens.

Digital Programmatic Mobile Display




(Place Based Marketing):

Static or Video

Target consumers on their mobile phone, if they visit your retail locations and/or your competitor’s locations. This tactic can be used for

current customer engagement and competitive conquest marketing.


  • Create Virtual Perimeter (s) around your desired your location.
  • Allows you to Design Ad/ Promo Campaigns specifically to align with where the Client/ Customer is for an Upsell opportunity or for a desired engagement
  • Has a 90% Accuracy to reach Prospect with metrics to validate Prospects response and Mobile ID in order to initiate retargeting campaigns.

Addressable Geo-Fencing:

  • Targeted households utilizing plat line coordinates via USPS Address file uploads.
  • You Get a “90%” Accuracy Audience Match for up to 1 Million Physical Households and Business addresses for a Targeted Predictable Direct Response Campaign


** Resulting in a Greater Campaign ROI **


Geo Conversion Zones:


An example:


  1. People shopping for a car goes to a competitor’s dealership


We geo fenced that location set-up a conversion zone for our auto dealership


And based on those who saw our Ads that entered the original geo fenced location


Then chose to visit our store would be counted as a Conversion.




  • Finally, You can Track Your Foot traffic TO:


  • When your Prospect received Your Compelling Promo Offer



  • Where Your Prospect received the Promotional Ad




  • Who Specifically Saw Your Promotional Ad.




(Tracking all the way to your store front)



Geo- Conversion Lift:


  • Stacked with Geo Fencing, we set up conversion zones based on “when” people entered a particular zone




  • Based on your targeted Promo Ad and your natural conversion rate versus your campaign conversion rate.

  • You GET the true % impact of Your Ad Campaign


You GET to Track Natural Foot traffic vs. Campaign Foot Traffic on People who have seen Your Ads




Who Specifically walked through your designated Virtual Conversion Zone for a Measured ROI


Analytics and Reporting:

  • Every two weeks you’ll receive automated reports that outline your campaigns performance


  • Assess changes made by the QuPid Mobile Leads Team to optimize Your Campaign optimal performance.


 Mobile SMS Products
10-A  Text Services: full-featured Mobile SMS messaging Platform
10-B  Mobile / Landing Page website -2 Page
10-C  kiosk creator
10-D  Loyalty program
10-E  URL keyword or SMS to send out to groups to see videos, or other rich content.
10-F  Mobile Incentive / Coupons / Contest
10-G  Keyword Campaign (s) & Groups
10-H  SMS Schedule Reminder Service for Campaigns or Appointments
11  Social Explosion Marketing
11.A  FB – GeoTargeting

FB –  Advertising

11.C  Instagram Advertising
11.D  FB – Postings Your Ad Featured in QuPid “Top 10”  Active Social Media Fan Pages

Qupid’s Active Social Squad will “Broadcast to Your Active Social Community  Groups