Leads to Sales Income Solution for Retail – StoreFront, Banking to Drive New Customers with QuPid TriFecta Leads to Sales Income Solution:

Mobile SMS/ Text Messages is your most Proven and Cost effective method for restaurants for reaching ravenous customers into your store because it has an exponentially higher (99%) open and response rate open rate other than email.

QuPid Digital Display Integrated Mobile Platform offers a full-featured Mobile Marketing Solution Suite

Store Fronts – Store Banks

Retail Services Solution Bundles

Good -> Orbit

Better -> Galaxy

Best -> Universe

Retail Services Solution Feature(s)

– Site Retargeting

– Search” Retargeting

– Keyword Contextual Targeting

– Contextual Targeting

– GeoTarget

– Addressable Geo-Fencing

– Geo Conversion Zones

– Geo- Conversion Lift

– Analytics and Reporting

– SMS / Text Messaging Services

– Mobile / Landing Page website -2 Page

– kiosk creator

– Mobile Loyalty program

– URL keyword or SMS to send out to groups to see videos, or other rich content.

– Mobile Incentive / Coupons / Contest

– Keyword Campaign (s) & Groups

– SMS Schedule Reminder Service for Campaigns or Appointments

– FaceBook – GeoTargeting

– FaceBook – Advertising

– Instagram Advertising

– FaceBook – Postings Your Ad Featured in QuPid “Top 10” Active Social Media Fan Pages

– Qupid’s Active Social Squad will “Broadcast to Your Active Social Community Groups

Give Your brand and Product the greatest frequency and time of exposure per Dollar of Media Cost!

Revenue By -> + X % or + $$ or + # of Units

QuPid to implement Your Promotional Campaigns:

  • Trial Offers – Coupons
  • Seasonal Offers – Buy/ Get
  • Repeat Purchase Incentives
  • Next Purchase Offers
  • Loyalty Offers


  • Return of Ad $
  • Response Rate to Reach
  • Reach %


What You’ll Get from this campaign:

* Prospects get instant coupons to their Phone

* Potential Customers ask to receive Your mobile Offers

Resulting in:

* A huge databases of your current and potential customers for you to send them Offers and Updates about Your business saving anytime…

* ROI on mobile coupons with many brands exceeds 8:1.


Programmatic Services Standard



Industry Technical Terminology

(For Eggheads)


What this means for You?!

(Layman’s Term)



Internet Targeting Service


Site” Retargeting / Remarketing: Re-market (serve display advertising) to your clients and prospects who have visited your website:


  • Target your visitors to Your Web Page and then following them continually showing them your offer


  • Your PROSPECT sees your Mobile Promo Ad 7- 10 Times motivating action due to interest in your Ad


  • Your Visiting Prospect is likely to become a customer given the frequency of your Business Promo Ad


Search” Retargeting: Leverage your keyword history and data to extend the successes and learnings from your paid search campaigns.

  • Designed to Find New Customers that have likely never been to Your Website before.
  • Puts Your Business in front of customers who are looking for your competitors Products


  • Take your competitors business by getting your Business in front of the interested and motivated Audience that’s actively shown an interest in your Product because wherever they go your add will be displayed 7 to 10 times to insure the visitor comes back to you when ready to buy.


  • You can “NOW” put your Business in front of potential customers that are searching your competitor’s products / services.


  • Quickly Poach your competitor’s customers

 Keyword Contextual Targeting: Target users viewing content that includes keywords that are relevant to your products and services.

  • Gets Your Business presented to customers that search your Keywords…


  • Your Promo Ads Will Convert to sales at a higher rate than your competitors with Your Targeted “KeyWord” Traffic for Visitors that intentionally sought out your Product…


Contextual Targeting: Target users viewing websites that are categorically relevant to your products and services.

  • Gets Your Business presented to visitors that intentionally Searched and browsed your specific Subject by Presenting your Promo Ad for a limited time before rotating to another Ad if no response by the visitor happens.



Digital Programmatic Mobile Display



(Place Based Marketing):

Static or Video

Target consumers on their mobile phone, if they visit your retail locations and/or your competitor’s locations. This tactic can be used for

current customer engagement and competitive conquest marketing.

  • Create Virtual Perimeter (s) around your desired your location.
  • Allows you to Design Ad/ Promo Campaigns specifically to align with where the Client/ Customer is for an Upsell opportunity or for a desired engagement
  • Has a 90% Accuracy to reach Prospect with metrics to validate Prospects response and Mobile ID in order to initiate retargeting campaigns.


Addressable Geo-Fencing:

  • Targeted households utilizing plat line coordinates via USPS Address file uploads.
  • You Get a “90%” Accuracy Audience Match for up to 1 Million Physical Households and Business addresses for a Targeted Predictable Direct Response Campaign


** Resulting in a Greater Campaign ROI **


Geo Conversion Zones:


An example:


  1. People shopping for a car goes to a competitor’s dealership


We geo fenced that location set-up a conversion zone for our auto dealership


And based on those who saw our Ads that entered the original geo fenced location


Then chose to visit our store would be counted as a Conversion.




  • Finally, You can Track Your Foot traffic TO:


  • When your Prospect received Your Compelling Promo Offer



  • Where Your Prospect received the Promotional Ad




  • Who Specifically Saw Your Promotional Ad.




(Tracking all the way to your store front)


Geo- Conversion Lift:


  • Stacked with Geo Fencing, we set up conversion zones based on “when” people entered a particular zone




  • Based on your targeted Promo Ad and your natural conversion rate versus your campaign conversion rate.


  • You GET the true % impact of Your Ad Campaign


You GET to Track Natural Foot traffic vs. Campaign Foot Traffic on People who have seen Your Ads




Who Specifically walked through your designated Virtual Conversion Zone for a Measured ROI


Analytics and Reporting:

  • Every two weeks you’ll receive automated reports that outline your campaigns performance


  • Assess changes made by the QuPid Mobile Leads Team to optimize Your Campaign optimal performance.


 Mobile SMS Products


 Text Services: full-featured Mobile SMS messaging Platform


 Mobile / Landing Page website -2 Page


 kiosk creator


 Loyalty program


 URL keyword or SMS to send out to groups to see videos, or other rich content.


 Mobile Incentive / Coupons / Contest


 Keyword Campaign (s) & Groups


 SMS Schedule Reminder Service for Campaigns or Appointments


 Social Explosion Marketing


 FB – GeoTargeting 

FB –  Advertising


 Instagram Advertising


 FB – Postings Your Ad Featured in QuPid “Top 10”  Active Social Media Fan Pages  

Qupid’s Active Social Squad will “Broadcast to Your Active Social Community  Groups