Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Restaurants, QSR, Fast Casual


StoreFront, Banking

Community Development

Political Campaigns, Local Spa, Salons, Faith Based Institutions

Professional Services

Legal, Medical, Real Estate

Travel & Entertainment

Airports, Convention Centers, Concerts, Trade Shows, Tourism


Auto, Finance & Banking

Benefit 1

Get Your Special Offers to Your Prospects FAST – Same Day vs. Snail Mail

Benefit 2

Stop Blowing Your entire Advertising Budget in “1” Place with NO ROI

Benefit 3

95% Reach to Your Local Market vs. Traditional Media’s Non-measuring service

Benefit 4

Explode and Dominate Your Local or National Market with Fast And Targeted Announcements with Branded Promotional Incentives

Benefit 5

Take advantage of Mobile’s “Display, Sound & Motion” just like T.V for Your Targeted Branded Offer for Less Cost

What’s the most important piece of Information that you shouldould get from any customer Or Potential Customer?

1st - Their Mobile #

2nd - Their Email

3rd - Their Home Address

Visual Appeal Stimulates our Taste Buds….Food And Beverage is such the Product that requires Visualization.

QuPid’s Digital Display Medium would be Your Best bet for Ads due to Your SmartPhones High Resolution Screen….Radio certainly is not ideal and NewsPaper cannot assure you a 90% Reach Assurance that you audience will See Your highly appealing Visual Ads

Leads to Sales Income Solution for Travel & Entertainment – Airports, Convention Centers, Concerts, Trade Shows, Tourism with QuPid TriFecta Leads to Sales Income


Here’s Why!

  • Mobile Open Rate is a 98.3% Open within (Source Portio Research)
    • And takes the average person To respond to a Message in 90 SECONDS
  • Email Open Rate is 22% Open Rate (Source CTIA)
    • And takes the average person To respond to an email in 90 Minutes
  • Direct Mail is an estimated 3.7% (Maximum) Open Rate (Source)

QuPid will work with You in building Your Audience Segmentation:

Transactional, demographic and psychographic Commonalities in order to Geo-Fence during a specified date and time window of the scheduled event


then recommend appropriate + relevant Content to Broadcast to those Prospects by creating your ideal messages (Digital Display Content) for instant engagement

By making Your message and Digital content relevant, the receiver is likely to read it, internalize it and take the intended action.

  1. Persona-First: Marketing is most impactful when every idea is approached from a persona-first mindset.
  2. Programs (Not Campaigns): Programs produce the best ROI when they are indefinite (not time-boxed), continuous and repeatable.

Restaurant Chain, QSR And Fast Casual Mobile Solution Geotargeted Customer Leads To Sales Conversion System


We Know restaurant industry is notorious for experiencing skinny margins. And with the National & Regional Franchises using coming in and using a few of the Techniques that I’m mentioning you won’t be able to compete with them. The National & Regional Restaurants clearly state their Growth Plan for Local Markets. They clearly state that the plan to take your customers with sophisticated Marketing Programs that they know most local business owners are completely unaware of.

However you now take stop then and take back their customers with what we’re giving you. Those Corporate owned bureaucratic bullies, would never imagine that they would be called out! And You don’t need millions in Marketing Spend to compete. You can literally start at a Tenth of what they spend and grow your business while the bully corporate restaurant establishments fold up and leave your area.

All you need to do is to build a Targeted Direct Response Digital Marketing campaign, with almost a 100% of the Audience as ideal customer given that most Mobile Owners are within arms length of the Phone the engagement is increased almost 5x giving you a one-to-one direct with Your message or offer vs. Traditional Non-trackable media.

  • Your business will experience an immediate impact “Drives Awareness” Fast
  • Your business can quickly broadcast your daily and weekly specials & offers
  • You can now speak directly with your proposed target whenever you want
  • You can broadcast and Promote in multiple locations even in Your competitors location

Here’s What this means for You and Your business:

  • You can easily Grow Your Customer Base
  • You can quickly increase Your Customer Purchase frequency whenever you want
  • You can take control of Your business with simple mobile updates

By offering an incentive at your POS to Your New and Current Customers with a high perceived value would instantly build Your Customer Database 5x Times faster than standard efforts.

QuPid intentionally setting out to build your Customer base with simple easy tools that 97% of the Population uses daily for Pennies.

matter as they always have in the restaurant experience: menu, value, and location are still paramount in driving customer attraction and satisfaction.

The Problem:

Five Familiar Restaurateur Troubles Which Do You Want to Overcome?”

  1. Your concerned with the consistency of Your Cash Flow after all Bills are Paid out….
  2. Your constantly wondering whether you will be able to Generate enough monthly sales revenue to sustain your current lifestyle…
  3. Your often looking for ways to Decrease Your Cost for running Your restaurant..
  4. Your frustration with your competitors taking what could be your traffic and not knowing “why”?
  5. Your desire to have more time and work life balance for Family Time or just to Socialize more and do other things, is a priority….

More than likely one of these troubles or maybe all of them have consumed you

Recommendation/ Did You Know:

Why Digital Geotargted Display Marketing Can Attract Ravenous Lead Buyer Traffic to Your Restaurants:

Digital Mobile Targeted Offers get
“10x Times”
the redemption rate of traditional coupons

Check out a Conservative ROI “IF” You added to Your Marketing Media Mix

  1. Your average Customer will Buy outside there 2 Times / Day.
  2. A natural relationship occurs ……..
  3. We integrate Old Skool Text / SMS into Mobile Digital Marketing Program” because:
    • A. Most prefer texting over Phone Calls & Emails source “Pew Research Center”

      • 100% of 18 – 29 Yr. Olds Text Daily
      • 98% of 30 – 49 Yr. Olds, text daily…for many businesses this is a Prime Age Demographic
      • 92% of 50 + Yr. olds Text during the Week…
  4. Phone Calls ranked 93% 2nd to Texting….
    • A. 1st Texting
      B. 2nd Calling
      C. 3rd eMail

Infographic Designer:

QuPid Food & Beverage Lead to Sales income System

QuPid Mobile Lead to Sale

Programmatic Display Display GeoTargeted Ads

Web Targeting Search, Site & Keyword

Social Explosion

SMS / Text

*Targeted Ad Served to Audience

We Insure – Your Target Gets & See’s Your Appealing Display Ad
With a 90% Reach
“Bait” Offer
Check out the Power of Display Ads<
All Channels Will lead to Receiving offer via SMS

*Mobile Landing Site Designed to allow Prospect to
“Click2 Call” for Reservation (4 Star Dining) Or to Redeem Compelling Offer by Opting-in to Text to Receive Your Offer

All Channels Will lead to Receiving offer via SMS

*FB Lead Ads – Instant Web Forms
Designed to allow Prospect to
“Click2 Call” for Reservation (4 Star Dining) Or to Redeem Compelling Offer by Opting-in to Text to Receive Your Offer

Instagram Lead Ads

All Channels Will lead to Receiving offer via SMS

*98.3% Open Rate

*Short Code in Digital Display Ad
*Permission Based identifies Strong Lead
Instantly builds Your Store Database allowing You to ReMarket and Drive Traffic with Your Menu Offer

eMail Marketing Campaign:
Coupled with Your Digital Campaign – It’s fairly common to get between a 5% and, on the High Side 25% Click-thru rate.
We don’t rely heavily on email due to open rates but understand its still an opportunity to deliver Content usable for Your Client to Trust You

*1st – Determine what You want Your Ad to Do?
—–> Most want to Drive Traffic to their Business …

*2nd: Determine What Your Prospect wants…..not what You want to Give 1st.

*3rd: Now that You Know what Product Your Audience would most likely get excited about (because you know their wants) and there’s a high Demand for “it”?

*4th: Make an“Irresistible Compelling Offer to get Your Prospect to take action?
The Offer should drive a lot of Curiosity and Anxiety
Your Prospect should be concerned
Your Prospects should

Remember …to Get a Customer Twice You must get them just One Time…

QuPid’s Proprietary GeoTechnology Platform wraps-around the Physical Event location in a Polygon form , where Messaging and Digital Display Content Ads are served to the mobile devices of those Visitor at the Venue from the time they enter our invisible Digital Fence, that we create from the parking lot or from the Door Entry.

Attendees will see Your Promotional Messaging and Digital Display Promotional Content Ads either through:
Mobile Apps
IP Address Targeting
GPS Geofencing
Tablets & Mobile Devices

Plus a “Retargeted Campaign to the same attendees that were served the Content Ads for up to 30 days after the event.

gives convention centers, sporting/music spaces, and general event spaces several advantages:

  • Additional sponsorship coverage for advertising
  • Ability for sponsors continue speaking with event attendees after the event and for up to 30 days
  • Differentiates your organization/venue from the others working to attract the same sponsorship opportunities
  • Keeps your sponsors’ brands top of mind in the individuals attending the event
  • Gives you the opportunity to upsell on potential ticket sales while the individuals are there.

Ideal Locations Including:

  • Stadiums/Arenas/Race Tracks
  • Arenas/Music Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Buildings/Parks/Recs
  • Festivals/Street Fairs

And you can continue engaging with those very same event attendees long after they left your event.

Engage Your Audience with Upland Mobile Messaging

Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to interact with your audience during a live event or show.
With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can reach viewers and listeners anywhere and communicate with them instantly. Text messaging offers a simple, accessible way for anyone to respond to your calls to action. Whether you want to send reminders for upcoming shows, receive real-time feedback on live events, or poll your audience, Upland Mobile Messaging has the tools and expertise to help you engage your audience and see immediate responses and results.

Audience Engagement

Improve engagement with your audience and viewers by conducting a conversation over their mobile phone.

  • Send mobile subscribers links to exclusive video clips and content
  • Gather instant feedback by polling the audience in real-time
  • Conduct a survey to learn more about your viewers and build a mobile CRM of your audience

Read the Use Case »

Exclusive Offers & Promotions

Deliver discounts, coupons, and exclusive offers, at the right time and to the right person, driving sales and growth.

  • Ensure timely offers are read and opened immediately
  • Track and analyze offer redemption in stores and online
  • Improve the effectiveness of all marketing channels

Travel & Entertainment

Trade shows
Convention Centers

Travel & Entertainment Services
Solution Bundles

Good ->Orbit

Better -> Galaxy

Best -> Universe

Travel & Entertainment Solution Feature(s)

– Site Retargeting

– Search” Retargeting

– Keyword Contextual Targeting

– Contextual Targeting

– GeoTarget

– Addressable Geo-Fencing

– Geo Conversion Zones

– Geo- Conversion Lift

– Analytics and Reporting

– SMS / Text Messaging Services

– Mobile / Landing Page website -2 Page

– kiosk creator

– Mobile Loyalty program

– URL keyword or SMS to send out to groups to see videos, or other rich content.

– Mobile Incentive / Coupons / Contest

– Keyword Campaign (s) & Groups

– SMS Schedule Reminder Service for Campaigns or Appointments

– FaceBook – GeoTargeting

– FaceBook – Advertising

– Instagram Advertising

– FaceBook – Postings Your Ad Featured in QuPid “Top 10” Active Social Media Fan Pages

– Qupid’s Active Social Squad will “Broadcast to Your Active Social Community Groups

Give Your brand and Product the greatest frequency and time of exposure per Dollar of Media Cost!

Revenue By -> + X % or + $$ or + # of Units

QuPid to implement Your Promotional Campaigns:

  • Trial Offers – Coupons
  • Seasonal Offers – Buy/ Get
  • Repeat Purchase Incentives
  • Next Purchase Offers
  • Loyalty Offers


  • Return of Ad $
  • Response Rate to Reach
  • Reach %

Travel & Entertainment

What You’ll Get from this campaign:

* Prospects get instant coupons to their Phone

* Potential Customers ask to receive Your mobile Offers

Resulting in:

* A huge databases of your current and potential customers for you to send them Offers and Updates about Your business saving anytime…

* ROI on mobile coupons with many brands exceeds 8:1.


We focus on a Dual approach with:

1st: Immediately building your Customer Database,
2nd: Getting an ROI on Your Ad & Marketing on each and every Mobile Digital Display Ad Campaign

We will show you “how and why” Your Customer Database will be Your business lifeline for Solving the 5 Familiar Restaurant Problem:

  • Your current existing customer can add an additional 3x in Revenue to your bottom line
  • It’s too easy not to do it…..all your customers check out at POS with
    • Requesting there Name and # immediately allows you to:
    • Broadcast to Your Customers and New Acquired Customers in Seconds
    • Generate personalized communications in order to
    • promote a product or service for marketing purposes.
  • 1st You can easily Build your Customer Database with an SMS
  • Why should you initiate an SMS Campaign:
    • 97% of Adults 18 to 44 Yrs old own a Mobile Device
    • 1 in 4 Mobile Users over the age of 55 own a SmartPhone
    • 98.3% Text Mobile Open rate vs. maybe 20% with eMail (only)
    • Its takes on average 90 Seconds to respond to a Text Message

Mobile Offers get 10X the redemption rate of Traditional Coupon incentives
With 91% of Mobile Users having their Phone within reach 24/7
Targeted Digital Media with Traditional “Broadcast” Media
Leads to Sales Income System
For a
$$$ Predictable Revenue Stream $$$

Of Course there’s other Media Services that you can use coupled with a Mobile for a stacked campaign however as far Speed and Reach a 98.3% Open rate to Your customers and New Acquired customers is incredible And there’s not a better delivery than Integrating the Services as “the Stacked Solution vs. a Single Silver Bullet”

Digital Display Geotargeted Ads
Mobile Landing Site
Social Media Explosion


We focus on a Dual approach with:

Mobile Direct Response Digital Mktg, Action Plan:
QuPid Lead Generation to Sales Income System + utilizing a Funnel with Digital Service to Monetize Your Lead Magnet System:

  • Enterprise Level Messaging in Seconds (1 Million of Mass Messaging in Seconds)
  • SMS with a Link (URL) Patented Process with exclusive Licensing
  • MMS that Provides content (Audio / Video / ringtone)
  • Social Media Explosion
  • Get Your Own Mobile Website App keeping Buyers Searching locally tethered to Your Site

We’ll Design an Integrated Digital Marketing HyperLocal Campaign(Specifically Designed for a reachable Targeted Audience to Drive store Traffic with visually appealing Promotion Display + Highly Incentive Premium Offers integrated into the “QuPid Lead to Sales Income System “
Sales = (Message / Promo Offer) x (Product Demand / the Market) x (Media Digital Mobile Media for a 90% to 97% Delivery to Reach Target)

  • Give Prospects immediate reason to Purchase with Premium Bundle Offer
  • Reward Local + current Customer base with Premium Bundle Offer
  • Stimulate multiple Purchases with AdditIonal time Sensitive Offer

Because of our intentionally Geo Targeted Local Marketing Campaign, One of our Restaurant Client benefitted from a Targeted offer designed to incentivize action, QuPid’s recommended tactics created a dynamic buying audience Campaign at the local level.





“To be regain its luster as the Premier Local Dinner Hub on weekdays”

Revenue Goal
4x to 1 Revenue

By ->+ X % or +$$ or +# of Units

CPA Less than $20/ Per Head

QuPid implement Highly Targeted Lead Gen HyperLocal Integrated Digital Mobile Campaign

Promotional Campaigns:

  • Trial Offers – Coupons
  • Seasonal Offers – Buy/ Get
  • Repeat Purchase Incentives
  • Next Purchase Offers
  • Loyalty Offers

Measured Results:
Total Visit Rate
Cost Per Visit
CPA / Cost Per Acquisition
Campaign Foot Traffic to Normal Foot Traffic

Successful Return On Marketing investment (ROMI)

Business Goal / Basic Idea : Generated immediate Brand Awareness, Lead to Sales with an irresistible offer “BAIT” & “Why” for Your Compelling Incentive

  • Achieved 247.4% increase in target dining reservations & foot traffic over a month.
  • Achieved a Low CPA of > $4.95
  • Achieved $4 In Revenue for Every $1 Spent on Marketing Campaign

Targeted Digital Mktg
Sample of Scaled up Program after SMS is integrated:

700 Locations Avg 8-15 / Day Per Location
6 month Consistently = 1,512,000 People to Your Database
2 Promo’s / month = 3 Million+ Total Messages /Offer
2.5% Overall Conversions = 75,600 additional transactions / Month
X $30 (Average Ring at POS) =
$2,200,000 Increased Monthly Revenue

New Customer Acquisition
Here’s a annual ROI to market to 1 Potential lead?
3 Promo offers / reminders per month
$0.09(Total) x 4 Months
$0.36 per conversion
Would that be worth it to Your business to onboard Your New customer for your business?

Local Fine Dining 5 Star Restaurant (i.e. – Ruth Chris SteakHouse, etc.)


Restaurant & Bar :

  • Build Its Brand Locally
  • Lift dining reservations and Dinner Crowd Walk In traffic by 10%
  • a CPA not to exceed $20


Strategy: Develop Targeted a Hyperlocal Lead to Sales Digital Campaign


  • GeoTarget X# of Locations
  • SMS/ MMS +Drip Campaign
  • Search Retargeting
  • Site Retargeting
  • Facebook RetargetedGeo Conversion Zone

Tactic (s): Direct Response, Consumer Promotional Offers, Promote Premium Combination Sample Plates, etc.


QuPid Digital Campaign Produced:

  • Delivered A CPA Of $4.95 3x Lower then Pla
  • Tracked -> Measured ROI:
    • Total Visit Rate (TVR) is
      % Of Prospects that received the Ad And came back to the Store
    • Cost Per Visit (CPV)
      The Amount of Ad $ Per New Customers Who Came To The Store
  • Achieved 247.4% increase in target dining & Sales traffic

Business Goal / Basic Idea

Generated immediate Awareness, Lead to Sales for “Why” with an Compelling offer

Sales = Target Audience X (Message/ Promo Offer) x Media (Integrated Digital Media 90% Reach to Your Target)