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The Three-Point Competitive Difference

Infographic of:

I. Lead Strategic & Tactical Plan / Industry:
II. Lead Generation & Growth Pt 1 of 2 / QuPid Mktg. Automation
III. Lead Conversion & Growth Pt. 2 of 2 / Integrated Mobile Digital Solution Services

Qupid is the leading full Service Digital Display Direct Response Promotional Ad Agency that delivers a stacked Mobile Marketing Lead to Sales Income Solution proven to drive Inbound Traffic into business Owners online or in store location Audience Targeted Location Based Geotargeted Digital Display coupled with Search, Site, Text, MMS, FB with the capabilities to Directly reach and serve Your targeted prospects with Demand Generating offers and Enticing imagery on their Mobile resulting in easy to measure ROI.

With over 18 Years in Traditional Marketing, Internet Marketing & Direct Marketing within Fortune 100 Corporations, stints at 3 Top Ad Agencies and 10+ Successful Years in Entrepreneurial arenas implementing and honing a myriad of seasoned experiences – QuPid Mobile Leads’ Team is well versed with Simple Proven Marketing campaigns, Product/ Service Launch and Actionable Road Maps to follow – that deliver New Prospects, New Sales, and Loyalty/Re-targeting of current clients while enhancing your Brand.

It is Our Shared Belief that Non-Targeted Ad Traffic will continue to suck Money out of Business Budgets because they have no relevance to Prospects they are delivered to or drive qualified Buyer Traffic… and the fact that Targeted Ad Traffic is the life source of any business and without it, a Business would have barely any NEW business at all.

With over 87.4% of Americans owning Smart Phones, and around 90% of these Owners leave their location based Services on – QuPid Mobile Leads allows Business Owners to turn Prospect/Customer Smartphones into a daily lead and traffic magnet for their Local Business – by Implementing Targeted Promotional Ad Offers that drive in New Local Customer traffic to Your Establishment.

QuPid Mobile Leads Media puts an end to wasted time and money by taking ALL of the pressure Off of The Business Owner by Actually Implementing proven marketing strategies built around technology, strategy, and tactics that have been proven to achieve business growth, and attract New Prospects – with 100% Campaign Tracking & Analytical Report included for fast ROI Metrics and More.

The fact that QuPid tracks online AND offline conversions is what sets our team apart from other digital agencies. The ability to track someone who saw your Ad and actually visited your store is powerful. We utilize a slew of data points and conversion metrics that are relevant to your campaign including but not limited to:

  • Store Visitso Store Visitso
  • Natural Store Visits vs Campaign Store Visit
  • Website Purchases
  • Phone Calls
  • Form Submissions
  • Website Button Clicks
  • Chat Box Engagements
  • Traffic Site Increases
  • Click Through Rates
  • Cost Per Click/Impressions

I. Lead Capture Strategy & Per Industry Integration Plan:

  • Promotion Based Incentive Marketing to Provide Immediate ROI
  • Direct Response to Optimize Performance Measured ROI
  • Display Advertising Enticing Imagery to connect with Audience
  • Search Ads Coupled with Local Search for Targeted Ads
  • Mobile Digital Campaign with SmartPhone Adoption Rate
  • Mobile Penetration, Usage as

Promotional Campaigns:

  • Trial Offers – Coupons
  • Seasonal Offers – Buy/ Get
  • Repeat Purchase Incentives
  • Next Purchase Offers
  • Loyalty Offers

II. Lead Generation & Growth Pt. 1 of 2
QuPid Marketing Automation:

  • Content Strategy Development Distribution
    • Book Author
    • Lead Magnet (s)
    • Newsletter Subscriptions
    • Press Releases (s)
    • Landing /Squeeze Page (s) with Lead Magnet for List Building
    • Social Media Explosion -Posts, Thoughts, Forums
  • Public Relation mentions
  • Processing Leads & Lead Nurturing
  • Client Enterprise CRM Cloud – Campaign integration
  • Email Automation
  • SEO/ SEM
  • Dynamic Lists/Segmentation
  • Lead Scoring / Staging objects
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Sales Notifications, Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign optimization
  • End-to-End Reporting & Analytics

III. Lead Conversion & Growth Pt. 2 of 2
Stacked Integrated Digital Solution Services:

  • Campaign Leads to Sales Solution:
    • Mobile Digital Display Programmatic Advertising – Audience Targeting
    • Digital Mobile SMS/ Text & MMS
    • Web – Site Retargeting , Contextual Targeting & Search Retargeting
    • Email Campaign, Drip Campaigns
    • Social Media Explosion Postings
    • Geotargeting & Address Geotargeting

Bundled Stacked Packaged Solutions: Differentiated by Industry & CPM (Count Size)





  • M-commerce (mobile commerce)
    • Web Application Services
  • Business to Customer Lead Acquisition Specialist
  • Strategic Marketing & GeneralManagement (Global)
  • Category Management & Product Management Specialist
  • Channel Management Expertise & Account Management Planning
  • Software Sales Development (Global) Manager
  • Program & Project Management Expertise
  • New Product Launches & Demand Generation Manager
  • Brand & Promotional Management
  • P&L Management
  • Social Media Campaign Marketing Specialist
  • Advertising / Media Strategy & Planning
  • Certified Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Google AdWords Certified & Google Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation Manager

Leslie K. Falmar:
President/ Owner of Perspectiva And Principal in QuPid Media

25+ Years Agency Professional in Advertising Strategic Planning, R&D, Media, Promotions and Creative production; servicing Fortune 500 Clients as the SME for U.S. Hispanic market with Comprehensive Brand Development Plan and Personna for, direct to consumer, entertainment, financial services, packaged goods, retail and telecommunications Industry. Skilled at Leading Company/Client Relations for seamless Alignment and implementation with TierI/ Primary Advertising agencies, Media companies, interactive/Internet electronic materials producers and media suppliers, design studios, point-of-sale print production vendors across all classes of specialization, broadcast producers, talent agencies, event sponsors and owners/promoters of entertainment properties.

QuPid Mobile Leads:

  • 80 + Years of Agency Experience with in house Creative & Production Planning
  • Expert in Product Launch Promotional Management
  • Experienced in Product Development and Category Management Planning
  • Specialty in Fortune 500 Brand Development Specifically Channel Incentive Development
  • Proven Direct Response Tri-Fecta Lead Solution Revenue System
  • Authority in Latin American Promotional Media Planning
  • Designed and Development $150 Million in National Media Buying with ROP, Radio, TV & Direct Response

Our Branding Team:

Amy Kessler
Director, National Media Buyer & Planner

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked in many marketing and media capacities from network syndicator of a Tejano music TV show to heading a non-profit fundraising event to Hispanic Media Specialist for a major beer company and everything in between.

Olga Velázquez
Supervisor, Media

Media Planner and buyer in both the general market and Hispanic arenas.

Rubén SantiagoRubén Santiago
Director, Creative

A native of Mexico City, my creative experience in both the general and Latino markets spans more than 25 years managing my own Advertising and Design studio, Santiago Creative, which offers services for both the General and Hispanic markets for  print, radio, TV and new media.

His creative has served the needs of 20+ national brands:

  • Comcast, Hyde Enterprises, Lexus International, Bud Light, Telemundo, Great America, Crescent Jewelers, Mott’s, Nokia, Caress, Dove, Jarritos and Mineragua (Mexican soft drinks), Dallas Human Resources Management Association (DHRMA) and Century Link (Telecommunications).
  • with Accolades in numerous local and national awards such as Gold and Silver TOPS, AAF National ADDYs, and “Se Habla Español” National Awards.
  • Designer for the official logo of 1986 Soccer World Cup.

Rudy Longoria
Creative Services/ Print Production

20+ Years Agency General Marketing + Hispanic Marketing, business-to-business, business-to–consumer, design studio and in-house shops. from concept to production within the approved budget.

Our Technology Team:


Web Team: Pramitha Beeram, Jai Sandeep Solomon & Raju Manthri

Sr. Developer Web & APP, UX/UI Design, PSD2 (Payment Gateway)
FRONT END, APPLICATION, Back End, eCommerce, Integration.
CRM Cloud SaleSForce Implementation


  • Utilizing HTML, CSS & JavaScript, our team transfers static, custom de signs into a living and breathing web page. From conceptualization to implementation, designer and developer work in correlation to provide an interactive version of your web designs.
  • Includes the planning, architecting, building and testing of MVC-based frameworks whether truly mobile or web based. Our team pays attention to every detail along the way, while utilizing constant quality assurance checks throughout the process.
  • The integration of a Content Management System (CMS) into the Front-End developed designs that allows you full edit-ability following LLT provided training. From page creation to menu alterations and user additions, the CMS allows control of it all.The integration of a Content Management System (CMS) into the Front-End developed designs that allows you full edit-ability following LLT provided training. From page creation to menu alterations and user additions, the CMS allows control of it all.
  • Developing custom e-Commerce designs into select web platform to accommodate the online selling, tracking and marketing of products & Services. For Data Marketing Lead Generation Response & Retargeting Services.
  • Accessing external data sources that allow for the transfer of information (pushing/pulling) from one database or application location to another. Integration connects with third party sources in order to allow for streamlined operations.

Merge Us All Together, you get a Company that
Provides a Complete Marketing AND MarTech
Solution Service:

Brands We’ve Worked with…

Quaker Oats, Gatorade, JC Penney, Kraft Foods, Nestlé Waters, Sears, P&G, Nokia, Pernod-Ricard USA, MoneyGram and Coca-Cola